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Over de Brug is a residents’ initiative to promote meetings between residents on de oostelijke eilanden. Oostenburg Noord will welcome 3,000 new residents, whom we would like to bring into contact with each other and with the current residents. We are thinking of all kinds of initiatives in the socio-cultural field. Learn together, have fun together, make music together, etc. As a local resident, you will receive support with your initiative. For example, you can use de Buurtkamer

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Greening Oostenburg: A sustainable urban renewal

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In response to a neighbourhood meeting about greenery on Oostenburg, Urhahn urban planning and strategy drew up a 10-point plan for greening. This former industrial neighbourhood in Amsterdam is currently mostly stony and

The agenda of the buurtkamer


for and by Oostenburgers. Are you participating?

All kinds of (social) resident initiatives can go to the Neighborhood Room.

The programming starts on March 30, 2023. There is a pre-set for the programming. You can complete the rest yourself together with neighbors.

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