Polder in the swamp

For example, in the seventeenth century, Oostenburg, together with Kattenburg and Wittenburg, was constructed as a polder in the swamp on the IJ. In 1661, the VOC, in its heyday, bought the entire island. Shipyards and warehouses for valuable spices from the East Indies were built.

Island Oostenburg

The island Oostenburg is located in Amsterdam and currently consists of two parts, the southern part where there are now houses and the northern part where there is heavy construction. Together with the islands of Kattenburg and Wittenburg, it forms the ‘Eastern Islands’. Construction is currently underway on approximately 1,900 homes with more than 3,000 new residents. In addition, there will be as many new people working in offices and workplaces, including the 14 catering establishments.

The current population of 5,500 on the Eastern Islands will increase to around 8,500 to 9,000 people.

Welcome booklet

With the cooperation of Stadgenoot, VORM, the municipality of Amsterdam, the BIZ and Urhahn, the residents’ initiative has created a beautiful booklet containing everything about Oostenburg Noord and the surrounding neighbourhood in Dutch.
Boek |Thuis op Oostenburg by VORM – Issuu
Urhahn has one of those videos where you see a hand quickly flicking through the booklet. Very appropriate.

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