I want to help

To make the Buurtkamer a lively meeting centre in our neighbourhood, with great programmes, or other initiatives, or welcome local residents and so on

If you want to help, please sign up or call.

What will you get in return?

As a volunteer with the Over de Brug Foundation, you play a crucial role in our efforts to promote the meeting of residents on the Eastern Islands.

You will be involved in what is going on in the neighbourhood, allowing you to play a more active role in its direction and future.
Depending on the type of volunteering, you can learn specific skills or improve existing ones, such as organisation, communication or technical skills.
In addition, you get to know the neighbourhood, interact with peers and be actively involved in the area.
Whether you help organise events, support projects or work with local residents, your contribution will make a lasting difference.

What are we looking for?

Board members

  • For Stichting Over de Brug
  • In particular, a chairman
  • Living in the neighbourhood
  • Active network in the social field

Staff member supporting activities Neighbourhood Room

  • Preparing, supervising and winding down activities
  • Co-organising projects, e.g. welcome packs or Art in the Neighbourhood Room
  • Ideas for new activities and establishing contacts with fellow residentss

Communication and web management assistant

  • Websites: maintaining and updating
  • Newsletter and flyers: writing, creating and circulating
  • Social media: maintaining and making new contacts
  • Communication about events


For the neighbourhood room’s programming, we have room for musicians who want to perform during lunch concerts, drinks and talk shows. We also offer space to artists who want to exhibit in the community room. The only condition is that you live in the Oostelijke Eilanden or Czaar Peterbuurt.