BOB Helpt for Residents

Do you want to develop yourself further and do you need help with that?

BOB Helps!

Bob Helpt is a social neighborhood company that pays attention to the local residents of the Oostelijke Eilanden. We can help you with your professional development by supporting you in your search for (volunteer) work or training.

Sometimes it is difficult to find work and choose what suits you. We try to make this easier. Personal attention is very important to us. Through intensive discussions, we find out together who you are, what you can do, what you want and what the possibilities are. We use our years of experience and our network of local entrepreneurs.

What do we do for you?

  • help with creating a CV/cover letter

  • Job interview preparation

  • Job mediation

  • Coaching during your job

  • Aftercare if your work stops

BOB Helps for companies

Are you looking for staff?

BOB Helpt brings supply and demand together

BOB Helpt announces your vacancies and recruits staff itself. We post your vacancy on our social media and connect you with the right job seeker.

We also provide information about schemes and subsidies that you can receive if you hire staff who have difficulty finding work.

Submit your vacancy. Contact BOB’ Helpt.


Submit your vacancy. Contact BOB’ Helps.


“Linking local residents who are looking for work to neighborhood businesses, so that social cohesion in the neighborhood is strengthened.

As a social neighborhood company on the Oostelijke Eilanden, we are socially involved in the neighborhood. We are happy to take responsibility for contributing to the quality of life in the neighborhood.


Encourage meetings between people from the neighborhood.

Supporting local residents towards work and education.

Zij aan Zij aan Zet

At the beginning of November, BOB Helpt started the women’s project ‘Zij aan Zij aan Zet’ on de Oostelijke Eilanden. The project is especially for women (with a distance to the labor market), who are ready for change and want to take the next step in their lives. The personal development of the women is central for 10 weeks. We meet 3 half days a week. In the weeks that you follow our activities, it will become clear what the next appropriate step is.

As we travel with you, we discover what your unique talents are. You will receive training to become stronger and learn how and where to look for work. We also visit companies.

After we complete this, BOB Helps will also support you with the next step. For example, volunteer work, paid work or apprenticeship/training. We work closely with the Z3 Practice, the ZONE3 Orientation Center, WPI and companies in Oostenburg and the surrounding area.

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