What are we doing and where?

The aim of Over the Bridge is for local residents to meet. People learning together, making music, having fun. Our contribution includes:

  • A welcome ‘Welkom op Oostenburg’ (In Dutch)
  • The Neighbourhood Room where residents can develop and carry out their own initiatives.
  • Programming together with other neighbourhood initiatives to organise activities such as lectures, concerts, festivities.
  • Werkspoorhal: for 5 years the neighbourhood can use the middle space of the Werkspoorhal for 10 days a year.

The Buurtplein will be the cultural heart for neighbourhood-oriented and small-scale cultural activities of the new Oostenburg.

Located at the Buurtplein are:

De buurtkamer

The aim of the community room is to contribute to social cohesion and strengthen the identity of the neighbourhood in order to create a stable, safe and social living and working environment.

It will be a centre for residents with interesting and recognisable programming. A familiar place where neighbours interact The motto is to meet each other naturally around themes such as learning, making and working.

The municipality, in particular Stadsdeel Centrum, subsidises the Buurtkamer. Foundation Over de Brug is the tenant and takes care of management and programming. The address is:

Isaac Titsinghkade 123, 1018 LL Amsterdam

Neighbourhood-oriented activities

The neighbourhood room will programme neighbourhood-oriented activities, which will be suggested from the neighbourhood and largely organised by the neighbourhood itself. The neighbourhood room will also be the office of this meeting centre. It will become Oostenburg’s dynamic meeting point. It will host activities and meetings aimed at strengthening and maintaining social cohesion in the neighbourhood.

Over de Brug manages the community room and coordinates the socio-cultural programming on Oostenburg geared to the Eastern Islands. A diverse and especially attuned programming is ensured.

De werkspoorhal

The monumental Werkspoor hall will be made available 10 days a year for socio-cultural programming for and by the neighbourhood. In this, Over de Brug will take the initiative.