From 2023 to 2024 in Oostenburg-Noord: from building site to residential area

Oostenburg-Noord is steadily becoming a residential area instead of a construction site. Shops, a dentist, galleries, restaurants, fitness centers, there’s already a lot available. And “de Buurtkamer” that got off to a great start this year.


De Buurtkamer at Isaac Titsinghkade 123 in Oostenburg was festively opened in February. Its use quickly took off with various information meetings, workshops, and meetings for, by, and with residents, such as on the terraces and the future neighborhood square.

De buurtkamer is open on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10 AM to 1 PM for a cup of coffee, to work away from home, and for information. The programming has started with a couple of well-attended Talk Shows on the architecture in Oostenburg. The monthly Friday Mocktail has also successfully kicked off.


De Werkspoor Hall is ready but stands unused. Announced as the heart of the new neighborhood. It’s time for it to start beating. We want to pick up the monthly programming with you. The neighborhood can use the hall for 10 days a year for 5 years. Pass on your ideas.

Plans for 2024

Some examples: quarterly exhibitions, lunch concerts, Neighborhood Safaris, Amsterdam 750 stories festival, and Slavery Trade Commemoration Year.

For all your ideas, contact Eddy Appels, programmer of social-cultural activities.

If you want to book space in the Buurtkamer: contact Hilke Vernooij

Join in, Shape Your Neighborhood

In de Buurtkamer, there is information about the neighborhood. Residents are enthusiastic/curious, but also have concerns about amenities, the street, lighting, greenery, bicycle parking, and waste. Come forward with your ideas and develop them with your neighbors. We are happy to help.

Over de Brug

This neighborhood initiative ensures the meeting of residents through social-cultural programs. Neighborhood residents can initiate programs themselves. Over de Brug is happy to support this. Over de Brug organizes and facilitates the programming.

BOB Helpt is also a project of Over de Brug. This project ensures that neighbors who need support in finding work in the neighborhood can get started.

Happy holidays and best wishes for 2024 – Over de Brug