At the end of April, the women’s project Zij aan Zij aan Zet started in Buurtkamer Over de Brug. A group of thirteen women will meet twice a week for nine weeks. The goal of these meetings is to give women insight into their own qualities and talents, enabling them to develop further towards a job in Oostenburg Noord and its surroundings, carrying out volunteer work or participating in a work-study program or schooling.  

 Most of the participants live on the Oostenlijke Eilanden and know each other well. This has a positive effect on the unity of the group. The participants participate in the meetings with great enthusiasm.  

During the meetings, trainings are led by Farzana Shams and Chiquita Odjo-Seymonson. Farzana has years of experience in training and empowering women from immigrant backgrounds. Chiquita has considerable expertise in job placement.