Together we keep the neighborhood clean

The young people of the allowance project the “Cleaning club” have been working since National Clean-up Day (March 23) to keep Oostenburg Noord and the Czaar Peterstraat clean. Once every two weeks, a group of young people between the ages of ten and fourteen, armed with a garbage picker and garbage bag, enthusiastically set out to clean up litter in the various neighborhoods of the Oostelijke Eilanden.  

Femke Giese, shopping street manager of the Czaar Peterkwartier and Chiquita Odjo-Seymonson, projectmanager of BOB Helpt/Foundation Over de Brug, together with Fatima Louchi and Keith Franca, youth workers of Dock, joined forces to bring this project to Oostenburg Noord.   

The allowance project is an initiative of the Dock organization. Through this cleaning activity, the children become aware of the litter in their own neighborhood. They also learn early on that working for money pays off and they are given the opportunity to save for something they would like to have.