Greening Oostenburg: A sustainable urban renewal

In response to a neighbourhood meeting about greenery on Oostenburg, Urhahn urban planning and strategy drew up a 10-point plan for greening. This former industrial neighbourhood in Amsterdam is currently mostly stony and lacks sufficient greenery to provide a healthy living environment.

Climate adaptation and quality of life

The climate is changing, and so are the needs of urban areas. Oostenburg needs to adapt to rising temperatures. Greenery not only provides shade and cooling, but also helps to retain water and improve the microclimate. In a densely populated waterfront neighbourhood, this is essential for a healthy living environment.

Concrete Plans for greening

The 10-point plan includes several initiatives such as planting sized trees for faster growth and more shade, greening alleys with additional greenery and ground covers for shade and noise reduction, introducing vegetated facades, exploring floating gardens under bridges and along quays, using portable tree nurseries for temporary green spaces during construction periods, and capturing and reusing rainwater for sustainable green maintenance.

Read the 10 puntenplan (PDF in duch)